You’ve worked hard on your novel, crafting a story to entertain your readers in a world you created. I want to help you refine your manuscript to showcase your unique voice.

As I edit your novel, not only am I looking for grammatical errors but I am also checking for any continuity errors — that your names, places, and timeline stay consistentand I will note any overused terms and/or phrases through Track Changes.

Are you curious to see if Novel Needs is the right editor for you? Send a sample chapter (15 pages or less) for a FREE consult to: editor.novelneeds@gmail.com

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  • Fees: Novel Needs charges $.006/word on all edits with 3-5 day turnaround*

*turnaround is based on an average 60k manuscript, a larger manuscript may require more time, which will be discussed at the time of receipt.

Your novel deserves an editor that can spot nuanced grammatical errors and character/plot mistakes that are missed by computer generated editing programs.

Email: editor.novelneeds@gmail.com

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