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Email any questions to editor.novelneeds@gmail.com

Now that you’ve completed your manuscript we want to assist you in fine-tuning your book.  

Things we look for as we copyedit your manuscript:pen blot

  • Missing words
  • Grammatical errors and misspellings
  • Flow, tone, and style
  • That you’ve explained yourself well
  • Misused or overused words and phrases
  • Inconsistencies such as character descriptions, plot points, and settings
  • Continuity errors and making sure there are no loose ends

We use Track Changes to show corrections inline and Comments along the sidebar to ask any questions we may have about word usage or discrepancies in the story. 

Payment Policy

Rate: $.006/per word         

An invoice will be emailed to you through Paypal for a deposit of 50% of the full editing price when you send in your complete manuscript. An invoice for the remaining balance will be sent upon completion of the second edit.

Email your manuscript to editor.novelneeds@gmail.com

Our turnaround times are typically under 10 days but to accommodate your deadlines please schedule your edits in advance to avoid conflicting timetables. 

If you require an immediate (7 days or less) turnaround time, a $75 rush fee will be added.

What kind of books do you edit?

We edit fiction and nonfiction books, short stories, novellas, and full-length novels. We primarily edit for romance authors but are also experienced in editing science fiction, horror, historical, and thriller manuscripts.

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We personalize every experience for each of our customers, tailoring our products to fit your needs.

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