Frequently Asked Questions, editing, style, timeline, pricing

*Do you offer rush services? 
Yes we do offer rush orders. However, all rush orders are NON-REFUNDABLE and payment is due before services are performed.

*Are you willing to edit short stories?
We definitely edit short stories

* What's your typical turnaround time for an edit?
Each edit usually takes between 5 and 10 days,
though a novella/short story will be completed in much less time.

* What level of editing is your biggest strength? (developmental, line, copy, etc.)
o What do your edits include or exclude?
Our edits are generally copyedits and proofreading, also our editors will point out areas of concern
(slow sections, repetition, info dumps, etc.) when/if they find them.
If there are particular areas of concern the writer wishes us to note, we can incorporate that into our edit.

* Do you have preferred genres or specialize in certain genres?
There are no preferred genres, though our work tends to be for romance authors.
We have worked with Tiffany Reisz, Lisa Renee Jones, Elise Sax, Linda Andrews, and many others.

* How do you provide feedback? (MS Word comments, Track Changes, editorial letter, etc.)
We provide feedback via Track Changes in Microsoft Word/Open Office and comments in the margins.

* Do you expect credit on the copyright page?
We don't expect credit, but if you'd like to do so, we're quite happy to see it there.
Also, we are happy to promote your book on our FB page and Twitter feed when it's released.

* Do you also edit promotional materials? (i.e., back-cover blurb)
We will edit promotional materials. Often authors will send their blurbs along with their manuscripts
and they are counted in the final word total.

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