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Polishing your manuscript without demolishing your budget.

 Two editors carefully analyze each manuscript submitted to Novel Needs for a copy edit; working with each author to fit their individual needs.

Email your manuscript to: 

What we look for:

  • Missing words
  • Grammatical errors and misspellings
  • Flow, tone, and style for consistency
  • That you've explained yourself well
  • Words being used as crutches
  • Misused or overused words and phrases


How do you show corrections?

We use Track Changes to show corrections and Comments in the sidebar to ask any questions we may have about word usage or discrepancies in the story.


  Payment Policy

When you send your manuscript, an invoice will be emailed to you through Paypal for a deposit of 50% of the full editing price. The remaining balance must be paid when the completed edit is returned to you

Rate: $.008/per word                Turnaround time: 5-10days*     

Email your manuscript to: 

We personalize every experience for each of our customers, tailoring our products to fit your needs.

 *Turnaround times are based on an average manuscript size of 70,000 words. Manuscripts larger than this may require more time. Also, sometimes, depending on our workload, there may be a waiting period before the project can be started.